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An article I wrote about ancient philosophy that appeared in the New York Times (Why philosophy is fun) is slated to appear in a collection of essays, "The Stone Reader," later in 2015 (Norton/Liveright). I'm currently working on an essay about Plutarch's reception by American authors being published by Brill.

The Philosopher's Banquet, a collection of essays co-edited with Dr. Katerina Oikonompoulou, explores themes in Plutarch's dialogues, Table Talks (Oxford University Press, 2011). The Table Talks depicts a series of dinners at which Plutarch and his guests discuss how much you should have to drink at a dinner party, whether the chicken came first or the egg, and other intriguing topics.

"Represent[s] a real advance in our understanding of Table Talk."

Times Literary Supplement

"For the uninitiated, this collection will provide a solid introduction to Table Talk and some issues at stake in reading and analyzing this text. For experienced Table Talk readers, the collection provides many moments of specific interest, raising possibilities for further analyses of Plutarch’s text, thus agreeably mirroring its general understanding of how Table Talk works."

Bryn Mawr Classical Review (the full review is here)

I also wrote the chapter on Table Talk for the Blackwell Companion to Plutarch, an introduction to the philosopher’s work which is geared towards a general readership.

In 2008, I contributed to the Not For Tourists Guide to London (Not for Tourists Inc, 2008) reviewing bars and restaurants and writing the area overview for Primrose Hill.

In 2007, I wrote 12 essays for Defining Moments in History (Cassell, 2007), a book about the significant characters, innovations and cultural moments of the twentieth century. I covered apartheid, same sex unions, bulimia, the development of feminism and many other subjects.